With our program you will learn why the initial allure dissipates over time leaving you either angry and resentful or trapped and disappointed. Through the study of neuroscience, we have learn how genetic programming, early family dynamics, and brain chemistry all effect your choice in partners. We will also teach you why this initial attraction later undermines the success of your relationship. When couples understand what has happened they learn how to improve what, for many, is a very bleak hopeless situation. 

Ninety percent of failed marriages did not have to fail.  The facts are that approximately 50% of first marriages, 67% of second marriages and 74% of third marriages fail in the United States.  As many as 40-60% of partners have affairs. Add to these statistics that at least 50% of those that remain married are reportedly unhappy.  The odds are that you have less than a 25% chance of finding yourself in a happy lasting marriage.  Long term relationships outside of marriage have an even lower success rate.  

Why is this and can we turn the odds in our favor? The answer is "yes".  What we have found and want to share with you, is that through our courses, seminars, and counseling you will discover the cause and solution to the fighting, emotional shut-down, disconnect, resentment and the eventual failure in relationships. By understanding what causes relationships to fail, you will have a better chance of making your relationship not only last, but thrive.

Understanding how to recognize triggers can make the difference between unconscious patterns of failure playing out and a loving evolving relationship. We will show you how to reduce resistance, defensiveness, and angry reactions, leaving you feeling closer, better understood by your partner and with an increased likelihood of getting your needs met. With this knowledge and commitment relationships are happier, more fulfilling, and connected. 

Warmest Welcome!

Counter Attraction was founded by Lynn Valverde, LMFT. Counter Attraction offers training, experiential, and educational materials, workshops, and counseling for couples and individuals, as well as educational courses and training for mental health professionals.  

Mission Statement

The goal of the company is to educate couples and individuals on how to resolve relationship issues and re-kindle passion. Through our training, webinars, seminars, workshops, books, and counseling, we teach couples the skills they need to recognize how patterns in their relationship develop over time. Problematic ways of thinking, behaving, and communicating slowly break down the intimacy and connection resulting in cyclical patterns of fighting or withdrawal. The solution is Counter Attraction.  

With Counter Attraction training, one of the ways you will learn how to understand and attune to your partner is through Couples Communication. By using our tools and techniques, you will learn to come together and work through difficult areas, thereby promoting secure, resilient, and successful relationships. Our mission includes the ongoing expansion and refinement of our intimacy model through implementation of the latest research in attachment, neuroscience, early trauma, somatic experiencing, and mindfulness. 

Relationships can be difficult. Most relationships in this country are destined for failure.We are committed to helping couples resolve relationship issues and re-kindle passion. 

Over time loving feelings are often replaced with anger, resentment, indifference, or boredom. Our program is the solution to overcoming the pain and conflict in relationships. If these problems are left unresolved they often lead to emotional shut down, resentment, and divorce. 

Learn how to Re-connect and  Re-kindle that Lost Loving Feeling