After working with couples for years, reading hundreds of books and articles on relationships and attending countless seminars, Lynn developed the Counter Attraction Model of Couples Therapy.  They have been teaching couples that many of the fights they have with their partner are actually hard-wired as part of their development early childhood.  

Lynn helps couples learn how to explore their style of attachment, help couples recognize where closeness issues create distance in the relationship and teach couples the skills to communicate authentically with each other.  Once couples gain greater insight into themselves and their partner they are able to finally resolve that same old argument or pattern of fighting they have been having for years.

Leslie Davis, LMFT, Psyd, RN

Leslie provides psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families experiencing depression, anxiety, loss, trauma, unhappiness and relationship conflict. She does not use one specific technique, but uses multiple therapeutic approaches, depending  on the person and what is most useful at the time. She offers a supportive environment in which her clients feel safe, trusted and understood. Leslie invites you to call and schedule an appointment or get information.

Lynn Valverde, LMFT

Lynn Valverde is a licensed psychotherapist practicing in the West Los Angeles and Beverly Hills areas.  She specializes in work with adults and couples addressing problems ranging from  Depression, Stress, Panic Disorder, Relationship issues, Anxiety, Marital Problems, to Addictions. It is important that you feel comfortable with your therapist in order to discuss the intimate details of your life. Lynn would be happy to answer your questions and provide you with an initial sense of who she is as a therapist and of how she works. Please contact her for a free phone consultation or if you would just like to learn more about therapy.

Learn how to re-connect and re-kindle that lost loving feeling