Please come join Lynn Valverde, MFT for a Couples Counter Attraction Workshop

Saturday, June 26, 2016
Malibu, California

Saturday, July 9, 2016
Malibu, California

The loss of love, intimacy, validation and understanding, gradually breaks down the relationship, leading to increased arguing, negative feelings and indifference. This workshop helps couples focus on creating and keeping those positive loving feelings alive.

By following the tools, ideas and activities in the workshop couples,  revive that loving feeling. We often fall in love and think the bliss will last forever, unfortunately life has ups and downs and so do relationships. The more partners focus on what’s good and what’s right about their relationship and partner, the happier couples are. All couples are going to have differences. It’s how they handle these differences and how much focus they place on them that determines the outcome of relationships. If most of your relationship is good, then focus on the things you like. 
         Learn how to re-connect and re-kindle that lost loving feeling
  "Counter Attraction" 
In the Workshop you and your partner will learn:
  • How to identify your attachment style
  • How you feel about closeness - are you a distancer or a pursuer?
  • How you may be trying to get your partner to do things you want using the wrong methods
  • How to get your partner to meet your needs without conflict
  • How to use Couples Communication to help you to attune to your partner in ways you never imagined
  • About your and your partner's Intimate Maps
  • How to identify and address Road Blocks and Red Flags that inhibit Intimacy and Intimate Connection
  • How to restore the connection and excitement you once had for each other 
  • Learn to recognize and work with the unconscious drives that drew you to your partner only to later be a  source of conflict