The 8 Rules of Relationships:

1.  Couples Communication
2.  Personal Boundaries and Interests
3.  Money Matters - Talk About It
4.  Date Night - Go Out Weekly and Connect
5.  Share Your Needs & Listen to the Needs of Your Partner
6.  Intimacy - Create the Time
7.  Get out of your Comfort Zone
8.  Create a Relationship Vision

Lynn has found that couples who divorce tend to slowly lose that “loving feeling” over time, focusing on the negative aspects of the relationship or their partner and becoming more critical of each other. It was the feeling of "Are we really having that same argument, again."  These unresolved issues, feeling unimportant, hurt, and misunderstood lead to the gradual decrease in loving thoughts, actions, affection and validation. In the end it was not the fighting and the conflict but the aftermath of unresolved issues that ends most relationships. 

  • Rediscover the joy of being together.
  • Understand how the qualities that once attracted you to each other now often cause conflicts and tension.
  • Move from isolation to connectedness.
  • Learn how to move from reacting to purposeful action.
  • Learn how to identify, understand and fulfill your partner's needs.
  • Learn how to express your own desires.
  • Reconnect to keep the love you have.
  • Create healthier more satisfying relationships with greater intimacy.
  • Conflict is inevitable, however fighting is optional.
  • Learn how to resolve differences compassionately.
  • Create fun, romance, passion and laughter.
  • Create a compelling and lasting relationship vision.
  • Learn how to communicate so you actively listen and understand each other.
  • Learn to work through sexual issues.

Counter Attraction works with couples in therapy to help them:

Re-Kindle and 
Re-Connect those lost loving  feelings with The Cure For Counter Attraction